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Permanent sales post!

- Latest update: 31/5/2016-
(deleted some items sold and updated some rules)

-This shop is currently on hiatus for preparing conventions /oAo\ -
(You can still shop for fan merchs from my
storenvy over here though ;3)

Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011!
My feedback thread is here :3c
My Paypal address is eledora.2112(AT)gmail.com. Please send money via purchase payment~

- Please note that there is a minimum $2 purchase rule for the shop -

I ship from Hong Kong via standard airmail, and I ship to everywhere! Shipping+fees starts at around $2.5-3.5 for non-flats to non-South-East-Asian countries. It usually won't exceed $4 for small purchases :3c (because paypal fee adds up for huge transactions!)
Everything non flat will be bubblewrapped for a few layers to make sure they can sustain some collisions!
E-express shipping is available for serval countries, and I would recommend it to you in the comments when the shipping will be cheaper than standard airmail! (Usually when the item exceeds a certain weight)
You could request E-express shipping anytime if you feel like it too ;3 (since it also includes insurance for lost packages, after all!)

Tracking (which comes with insurance) can be added for $2.5!
It will be added automically into the shipping fee for fragile items, which would also be stated in the sales post with the item price. Free tracking will be included for purchases over $50.'
Items will be shipped within 2 weeks after payment. I'm kinda a slow shipper since I work full day on weekdays, and can only visit the post office on weekends. And please wait for about 2-3 weeks for the items to arrive! International shipping can be kinda slow sometimes ^^;
I will let you know once I’ve posted your package, or I have to delay posting your package due to irl troubles.

Buyer is responsible for shipping and Paypal fees. This is not included in the listed price unless it says "shipping included".
I am not responsible for damaged or lost items once I’ve posted the packages. Please buy a insurance if you believe the post office in your country mess up often!
In the rare case that an item is missing from the package you received, please let me know! I'll provide a refund, or send you the item again if possible.

Minimum purchase is $2!
Orders under $2 will be replied with a quote of the above sentance, and be automically ignored afterwards:Uc
Price are in USD, and I accept Paypal only! No trades for the time being, also no haggling allowed :Uc
Please include your LJ username and what you’ve brought in the note, thank you! :)
Feedback can be provided once you’ve sent the money. Please let me know if you'd like one! And mine's here!

I will also leave you a feedback automically if you left me one after you've received your items.

Back out after committing to an item will result in a neutral feedback.
Stating it like "(item) to (the country) please!" would also be counted as committed. Please state clearly that you're quoating for a shippment if you would like to decide only after knowing the exact shipping fee!
Please note that if you've only quoted on an item, and someone committed to the same item afterwards, the item will go to the one who committed instead without further notice.
Stating it like "committed if shipping belows (a certain amount)" will only be counted as a quote, since it's literally what it is :Uc

After I've given you a quote, please pay within 24 hours, or state that you're committed. Otherwise the item will become available for everyone to ask for again!

For those who clearly stated that they've committed to the item, please send payment within 48 hours after I've given you the payment details! Let me know if you couldn't make it beforehand ;3

I live in the eastern timezone, sometimes I can’t reply promptly like most other sellers from the US/European countries due to timezone differences.
There is about a 12-hour timezone difference from US to Hong Kong. I will try to reply within 24 hours for most of the time though!

I reserve the right to refuse providing service (including holding items for auctions) to anyone at anytime, and of course those who are officially banned from pkmncollectors -w-

~Newest items on top for each category~
*Please noticed that all items are loved/used unless specified otherwise!*




Current auction: -

Special area for gachapons from Osaka!

Pokemon XY5 Metel figures:

(Spoiler: I wanted a Goomy /oAo;\ Eventually went to preorder from someone else on pkmncollectors...)

Silver Mega Rayqyaza: $3
Brass Mega Rayqyaza: $2
Bronze Mega Latios: $2

Brass Mega Gallade: $2

Pokemon Battle Trozei stickers:

(if anyone wants the package, just ask ^u^/ First one gets the package!)

Floette Battle Trozei Sticker: $0.5
Banette Battle Trozei Sticker: $0.5
Meditite Battle Trozei Sticker: $0.5
Male Pyroar Battle Trozei Sticker: $0.5
(These are $2 shipped for each! Please notice that purchases under $2 won't be acceped after a few days of the sales update :Uc)
Giratina Battle Trozei Sticker: $1.5 ($3 shipped)


(Official) Straps! (and their pieces :3)

Bath salt figures!
Fennekin bath salt figure: $3
Yvental bath salt figure: $2

Sky Shaymin and Rotom bath salt figure: $4

Jolteon strap piece (with some pink colors on the back): $2

These are brand new and just taken from packages for photo taking~
Bonnie and Dedenne: $1
Pikachu: $0.5

Mega Evolution straps at $3 each! They are all MIP and just taken out from package for photos~

Mega Lucario strap
Mega Garchomp strap
Mega Mewtwo Y strap
Mega Ampharos strap
Mega Gardverir strap
Mega Charizard Y strap
Mega Charizard X strap

MIP XY Starters screen cleaners at $2 each!
Availability: Sylveon, Froakie, Fennekin, Chespin

Pikachu sucker decorations at $2!

Big stuff!

(broken) Electric Togepi Figure: $2
It's a bit used and doesn't work anymore though uwu
*Please keep in mind that it weighs 110g so shipping for it alone would cost around $3.5.


Pokemon Kids!

Torterra big kids figure: $2 (Bonsly not included :3c)

Articuno kid: $2

Chimchar kid, Bonsly kid: $0.5

Latias and Latios standing kid: $1 each

Misc figures!

Treecko and Chansey lunch box rubber: $2

Keldeo figure piece (with a bit blue paint on the nose): $0.5

Tiny Paper rock scisors figures!
I see these pretty often but have no idea what are these @u@
Plusle: $2
Weavile: $4

Wooden Mew strap: $1
Unknown Mew figure: $2

Dedenne chupa surprise figure: $2

Elekid rolling stamp: $2

Chespin chupa surprise figure: $2.5

Pikachu tumbler: $0.5
Deoxys tumbler: $0.5

Electrive Keshipoke coming with original package: $1


Parco dices! /ouo/

Tiny parco dices!

Machop tiny parco dices: $0.25 each
Charmander tiny parco dices: $0.5 each

Tauros tiny parco dice: $0.25
tiny parco dice: $0.5
Aerodactyl tiny parco dice: $0.5
Lickitung tiny parco dice: $0.25
Farfetch'd tiny parco dices: $0.25

Blastoise/Wartortle Parco dice set! I took the Wartortle, Blastoise and the mini parco dices, but the rest are here, as shown in the photos above :3c
I have two sets of these |D Selling all of these at $1 each! Shipping for the whole set is estimated to be around $3.4 though.



You can get one freebie per every purchase ;) Extra ones will be $0.25 each!

Bootleg Pokemon figures...Good for repainting at least /owo
Gone: Lapras, Delibird, Magmar

Lots of random stuff |D



Last but not least, you can always order stuff from my storenvy store over here as well!
The shipping and fees will be less, since I can caculate the shippings without storenvy's system @u@/

*Storenvy store is still opened until further notice!


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