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Hello there~

Welcome to my homepage! ヽ( ^∀^)ノ

Just sneak my way to here because I heard that you can buy Pokemon goods on LiveJournal (*゚ー゚)
Okay I'll make a want list later when I have more time

I make interactive stuff with Pokemon! But I already have a dA account for posting them...
And sometime I collect anime figures too! (Other than Pokemon goods) You can see some of them on my tumblr.
Other than that I also watch animes, listen to Vocaloid songs, and play video games. Maybe I should post about these here =w=

Umm and yes English isn't my first language. Educate me when I made stupid grammar mistakes here. 〈(_ _)〉
You can always practice Chinese and Cantonese with me though. >;D
And even Japanese! Although I'm not that fluent at it...Current at about level 4 for the JLPT standard.

That being said, feel free to drop a comment here anytime~ I'm here for practicing English anyways!


Permanent sales post!

- Latest update: 31/5/2016-
(deleted some items sold and updated some rules)

-This shop is currently on hiatus for preparing conventions /oAo\ -
(You can still shop for fan merchs from my
storenvy over here though ;3)

Sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011!
My feedback thread is here :3c
My Paypal address is eledora.2112(AT)gmail.com. Please send money via purchase payment~

Click to see what's in the shop~Collapse )

Last but not least, you can always order stuff from my storenvy store over here as well!
The shipping and fees will be less, since I can caculate the shippings without storenvy's system @u@/

*Storenvy store is still opened until further notice!

Pokemon wants!

I can pick up whatever cute Pokemon merchs I can find in the local shop! >u< They usually would have the kids and some other figures that comes with candies~
But then sometimes I do collect merchs from a specific Pokemon 8) And here are the ones that I collect!

Main collections:
Side collections:

-Clear Rotom kid!
-Mow Rotom keshipoke (The only one left >w<)

-Unknown keyring
-Actually I would love to have any non-flat stuff that exists and I don't have

-Tomy attack pose figure (The one with one wing punching down the growo\
-Maybe some Pokecen/banpresto plushies too! I only have the shiny one for HG/SS Promotion..

-The one Electrode soft ball figure that I once found in the community @v@\
-Generally anything cheap and fun>u>

-A tomy plush!
-Generally anything cheap and is not a kid >u>

Other wants:
-15th Anniversary Pokemon Kids (They didn't import these in HK ;o; )
-Reversible Pokeball plushies (I love these ones <3)

Feedback thread~

This thread is closed!  Leave your feedbacks here instead!
Due to the new system change in pkmncollectors, this thread is closed!  ^^;
Please leave me a feedback here instead if I've bought/sold something from/to you, thank you! ヾ(´・∀・)ノ

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